Our logo - is built from my one and only Son’s real finger prints of both hands. Please observe carefully. Fingers are different colors and different sizes, just like different kids with different cultures. The hearts in the middle of each hand print (or in the wings of the butterfly) represent the LOVE and CARE we give for each child is the same. Regardless of their color, shape, size, or upbringing our individual attention is equal.

The Shape of butterfly - All children like butterflies . They are very innocent like butterflies. Children grow and becomes beautiful butterflies  and fly away from the parents one day when they are ready.

The lettering of WeeKidz is an informal way of writing like the beginning of children's writing. The baby face flower on the top of the "i" is the symbol of the nurturing all butterflies search for in their life. All our butterflies in the WeeKidZ garden of Montessori get the best flowers of love, care, fun and knowledge in the industry.

Welcome to an Encouraging Environment for Kids Interactive Developmental Zone



Concept -  A caterpillar comes out of the egg hungry for food. It will need nourishment, shelter and safety for it to become a beautiful butterfly. The caterpillar makes a cocoon and emerges with new found color and design on their wings. Now they have the ability to fly away. The care and safe environment of WeeKidz provide a cocoon for children. They will fly on to greater heights as they emerge with a better understanding and knowledge of life.